SceneMap Module

About SceneMap (Scene Mapping) Module

Argus Science is pleased to announce our revolutionary eye tracking data analysis technology: Argus Science ETAnalysis SceneMap Module! As part of our comprehensive Argus Science ETAnalysis Software suite, our advanced SceneMap Module makes analysis quick and easy with a near automated process! Please Contact Us for more information.

By leveraging over 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of conversations with Argus Science researchers, Argus Science developed the powerful SceneMap Module to enhance our Argus Science eye tracking analysis software suite: ETAnalysis.

We incorporated the SceneMap Module into this suite to further automate and expedite data analysis for applications where gaze falls on stationary object(s) or surface(s). SceneMap Module greatly assists researchers with analysis of eye tracking data collected in driving simulators, stores, rehabilitation facilities, and many other environments, without requiring use of a separate head tracking device.

This revolutionary SceneMap module saves you and your analysis team resources and time. You can create one master environment file without the need for an elaborate IR marker set up. By identifying the Areas of Interest (AOIs) in one master file, AOIs are applied to all participant files. This software eliminates arduous video frame by frame analysis when participants are viewing stationary objects. You will no longer be hindered by the time it takes to perform large studies with multiple participants.

As with the entire suite of Argus Science ETAnalysis Software, SceneMap Module is designed to assist with all types of eye tracking applications. Whether data is captured while the participant is moving freely or not, looking at static or moving objects, this software streamlines data analysis.

SceneMap Module provides immediate selection of data with a simple key stroke. Data can be previewed as gaze points, fixations and/or heat maps.

SceneMap technology is intuitive and easy to use. Argus Science understands that analysis software needs to be flexible to meet your unique research needs.

Your eye tracking data is encapsulated into an easy project configuration to allow both you and your colleagues to view the data and collaborate. At any time, a single frame or short video clip can be captured for viewing presentations.

Argus Science ETAnalysis SceneMap Module will rapidly reduce raw data to a series of fixations. Fixations on presentation images can be conveniently presented in size, numbers, or in duration. These fixations will automatically be assigned to your designated Areas of Interest (AOIs).

Quickly output results for one participant or an aggregated group to examine and plot raw data, associate scene images with sections of gaze data, and define area of interest on images, both static and dynamic. Easily reduce gaze data to statistics and graphical representations (fixations, scan paths, heat maps, SWARM ™, blinks, etc.).

Eye tracking has never been easier!