Argus Science Services

New to eye tracking?

If adding eye tracking data is new to your research requirements, please feel free to Inquiry Us for Training Services. Argus Science can provide training either online or on-site for Argus Science Eye Tracking Systems or past ASL (Applied Science Laboratories) products.

Got brilliant idea for new field of use?

With over 40 years of collective experience in the Eye Tracking field, Argus Science can provide consulting services on developing new applications and approaches for eyetracking in many environments, please feel free to Contact Us about what's your thoughts.

Need to sync eye tracking to external device or application?

Argus Science provides free SDK with demo samples to show how to receive and display the live data and video from the Eye Tracker, how to control data recording on Eye Tracker, how to send XDAT values to Eye Tracker for recording along with gaze data. It's also very easy to set hardware TTL signal as an external trigger for eye tracker recording. Please feel free to Contact Argus Science for details.

Want to extend warranty or need repair services?

Argus Science is here for you, no matter it's Argus Science products or existing ASL (Applied Science Laboratories) Eyetrackers.

Something else?

Please visit our Download Center for technical documents, or feel free to Inquiry Us for anything you are interested in.