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With over 40 years of collective experience in the Eye Tracking field, Argus has successfully partnered with researchers to provide eye tracking solutions for a wide range of applications. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring data integrity coupled with caring, outstanding customer and technical support is the trademark of our industry leadership.

Researchers and technology partners continue to be the driving force behind the development of our new products. Select Argus and we are immediately vested in your research.

Argus proudly serves a worldwide research community with:

Tetherless head mounted eye tracker (ET Mobile Glasses).

3D mobile eye tracker (ET Mobile 3Space System).

Complete Analysis Solution (ET Analysis Software) with additional SceneMap (Scene Mapping) and StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) Modules.

Real time eye data, eye image, and scene image for remote applications via network connection.

Easy SDK with samples for third party application integration.

Our own fabrication lab for unique modifications and customized solutions.

Worldwide community of researchers available to collaborate with.