ETServer 3Space System

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3 Space Tracking

Argus Science offers a method for real-time gaze tracking with the ETServer head mounted eye tracker in complex environments that have multiple stationary surfaces. Our ET3Space package combines eye position data obtained by the eye tracker with head position data from an integrated motion capture device.

The eye tracker provides gaze direction with respect to the head, and the motion capture device provides head position and orientation with respect to the environment. ET3Space software uses this information to determine line-of-gaze with respect to the 3 dimensional environment and the gaze intersection point on stationary surfaces in the environment.

Typical applications include gaze tracking in driving and flight simulators with multiple instrument panel surfaces and "out the window" display screens; control rooms with multiple monitors or instrument panels; and environments that require participants to move about amid various objects or obstacles.

3 Space Environment and Data

ET3Space software calculates point-of-gaze on up to 20 surfaces of interest. Typical surfaces include monitor screens, keyboards, instrument panels, poster displays, walls, floors, etc. Several methods, including use of a laser pointing device, are available for quickly and easily specifying surfaces of interest to the ET3Space program.

The data reported by ET3Space includes head position and orientation, position of the eye and direction of the gaze vector in environment ("room") coordinates, identification of the surface being viewed and the coordinates of the gaze point on that surface, and pupil diameter. Data are displayed in real-time, are available in real-time via Local Area Network, and can be recorded on a digital data file. Real-time point-of-gaze can also be displayed on the video image from a stationary ("room mounted") camera.

The Argus Science ETAnalysis program is designed to conveniently and effectively process ET3Space data.


Head Tracking Systems for use with ET3Space

Argus Science eye trackers are compatible with a variety of motion capture devices that can be used as the ET3Space head tracking component. We support systems from many leading companies, such as NDI, Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART), Vicon, Qualisys, Polhemus, and others. From the list of supported devices, and with individual help from engineers at Argus Science, the user is free to choose the motion capture technology that best meet the needs of a particular environment and application.




Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART)


Phoenix Technologies

Ascension Technologies

ET3Space Features

Reports the location of the gaze vector in 3 dimensional space.

Reports the intersection of gaze with multiple flat surfaces whose location and boundaries known in 3 dimensional space.

Reports head position and orientation.

Data available in real-time and recorded on a digital data file.

Displays real-time point-of-gaze on the video image from a stationary ("room mounted") camera.

Data conveniently analyzed by ETAnalysis.