ETReact System

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Argus Science has been investigating the relationship between visual response and motor response. The time for a participant to visually search for a target and then to strike that target with one's hand could be used for evaluating Sports Performance and also to possibly assist in Return To Play decisions from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Argus Science has partnered with Rugged Interactive and integrated the ETMobile, utilizing ET3Space, with a version of the Rugged Interactive Cardio wall to Create the ETReact.

The ETReact can immediately provide critical response times including the stimulus onset time (T0) time to Fixate (TF) and time to strike the target (TT). To determine participant bias, the target sequences may be fully randomized or weighted towards a particular sector. A report on number of strikes, Time factors and fixation visualizations are produced without any required "Analysis" steps.

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