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ET Mobile 3Space System


ET Mobile 3Space Integration

The real 3D Eye Tracking system allows the participant to move freely within the environment, producing accurate results. The wireless ET Mobile Glasses, with Argus's unique 3Space Integration technology, can be combined with leading 3D motion capture systems to provide point of gaze location while tracking a participant's eye, head, and body movements, in true 3 dimensional space.

Our 3D motion capture technology partners:

Northern-Digital QualisysVicon
Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART)InterSense
Phoenix TechnologiesAscension Technologies

3Space Environment

The 3Space Environment consists of the head tracker transmitter and up to 20 surfaces of interest. Typical surfaces include monitor screens, keyboards, poster displays, slide screens, walls, etc. 3Space data consists of the identification number of the scene surface being viewed, coordinates of the gaze point on that surface, the distance of the eye from the spot being fixated, and pupil diameter. Note that this information indicates what the participant is viewing in the environment.


Computes the location of the gaze vector in true 3 dimensional space.

Determines intersection of gaze with multiple flat surfaces whose location, orientation and boundaries are known in true 3D space.

Surfaces are easily specified to system using a laser pointing device (3 points define a surface).

Can accurately superimpose a point of gaze cursor on the image from a stationary (non‐head mounted) scene camera. Most systems can only superimpose a cursor on a head mounted scene camera image.

Better image than head mounted camera.

Less to wear on the head.

One less thing to set up and adjust.

System gives long term accuracy and does not require frequent recalibration.

3Space Data

The raw data in this example was gathered as a participant played an electric piano keyboard with a music book above the keyboard. The music stand was also the calibration surface and is scene plane 0. The piano keyboard was set up as scene plane 1.

Eye Tracker systems come bundled with our exclusive ET Analysis Software, which will:

Reduce data to a list of fixations.

Specify areas of interest.

Match fixations with areas of interest.

Compute statistics relating fixations to areas of interest.

Superimpose plot of fixation "scan path" over image viewed by participant.