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ET Mobile Eye Tracking Glasses

ET Mobile glasses are designed to handle the increasingly diversified demands of eye tracking in a variety of applications, including Sports, Kinesiology, Driving, Market Research, Reading, Safety & Training, Social Interaction, Neuroscience, Mobile Device Usability, and much more....

ET Mobile glasses easily collect eye movements and point of gaze information during the performance of natural tasks allowing the use of unconstrained eye, head and hand movements under variable light conditions.

The new ET Mobile glasses are designed to fit comfortably with unlimited peripheral vision and flexibility to fit all facial shapes and sizes.

With a more lightweight and efficient processing device and new wireless range enhancements, you can view your participants behavior from greater distances. The ET Mobile glasses innovative event annotation option lets you easily mark data for increased productivity.

The new ET Mobile glasses are offered in five different “Trac-Pak” modules. Trac-Paks are designed to give you flexibility in choosing the eye tracker capabilities that best fit your research needs as well as your budget requirements.

The primary differences between the Trac-Pak modules are the ET Mobile glasses camera speed and real time wireless capabilities (regardless of wireless capabilities, all Trac-Paks allow your participants to move freely within your environment).

With Trac-Paks you can also choose whether to include integration with biosensors, such as EEG and motion capture devices, or various data analysis software programs. An Argus representative is happy to review the different Trac-Paks with you to determine which Trac-Pak is right for you and your budget.

You can always upgrade your Trac-Pak. We are committed to providing you with an eye tracking solution that can easily grow with your evolving research needs.

ET Mobile for Multiple Applications

The ET Mobile glasses, combined with new Argus data analysis software technology SceneMap (Scene Mapping) or StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) on ET Analysis Software, allows you to use one eye tracker for multiple applications. The advantages of analyzing data collected with a desktop/remote solution can now be enjoyed with eye tracking glasses. Use one eye tracker as either a wearable or desktop solution.

Argus customers may contact Argus for training on ET Analysis Software for the ET Mobile glasses.

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